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David Bowie is

I've been going through some of my work since the last posting, looking through the pictures to see what I would put on here next. I want to put things on here that are pieces that I have either enjoyed making or relevant to what is going on around me.

David Bowie is..

Lynn and I have been listening to Bowie since before we met, and still buy the latest disc, be it on old vinyl or CD.
I can't get into downloads, I want to see something for my money and if the computer crashes I still want to be able to listen to my music..

Anyhow, on the announcement of the exhibition at the V&A (Victoria and Albert museum, London) we just knew that we really wanted to go, weeks go by then we here that ticket sales have been going mad, and the exhibition is sold out . . . .

We had a reason to go into London and thought that we should find out if we could still get in. We found out that the V&A were allowing another 450 tickets for sale each day of the exhibition, on a first come first …