New section 'Boxes'.. and cats paw prints..

Well, the extension is going well, I took Snowy out for a walk this morning and came back to see how the concrete floor was looking after the cold night..

During the night we had a visitor,
I think it was a white cat that has been seen hanging around, but he walked in this end, found he couldn't get through the fencing, turned around and came back. So there's two sets of prints....

Clive came along and started at the back of the garage, removing the paw prints and
skimming over the surface to remove some minor undulations...

So, while Clive was skimming over the floor, ( I just had to leave that one in when I was editing,
It just made me smile thinking of Clive skimming over the floor) 
I spent time putting some new photo's of boxes that I have made, into a new section on the the top of the page, 'Boxes'

Have a look through,
I have loads more stuff to put on here
and when I've got a workshop sorted out I'll be making more.

All the best


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