Catching up..

The last couple of weeks have been very wet over here in the UK, but the interest in my work has more than made up for the dreary weather. Some of you have been on 'Google images' and pushed the Olympic torch replica onto the first page.. which is amazing, thank you.

The leather covered bed that I had previously mentioned, has now gone and looked great when it was finished.

This was the bed after a few days work, take a look at what it was like before I started..
It wasn't the most exciting of jobs and repairing the leather was a bit frustrating, as I was getting the colour right, I didn't have much time to work the compound before it would start to cure, so then I would have to mix some more, good fun eh?

On the Restoration page.. in the Previous Work section

I've also been round to see Julian's 1964 split screen VW bus, and it's looking beautiful, there's a final picture added to the camper section.

Take a look...

All the best



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