February is flying along...

So, in a previous posting I had mentioned an Oak staircase with quite a few watermarks. The staircase was salvaged and reused in this home, and when you look at it carefully you can see where some jointing has taken place to make it fit.

The watermarks were made when someone had left a bucket of water on the treads whilst doing some work on the walls. There were around eight or nine of the marks, some so bad that when they were gone I noticed some more on the same tread that none of us had seen.

Here you can see the waring out of the Polyurethane on the treads, risers and strings
One of the water marks before

and after removal
Another before..
and after..
and the worst one..
you can really see the shape of the bucket, this was easily the worst watermark I've seen...
This is after, but I still hadn't finished.


 So after Staining, some waxing, oiling, rubbing down and polishing I was done, and it looks a lot warmer, I've got rid of the water marks and dry patches, and put some life back into it.
more next week.
all the best



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