Watch makers/ repairers bench

A re-built, restored and up piece of furniture

Jo told me about her fathers work sounded lovely, with its wonderful array of drawers, nooks and crannies, there were different widths, heights and multiple uses..

It had been in Jo's garage for a long while and she was getting concerned that it was going moldy.. We chatted and I suggested it could go in the house in one of the rooms.

The next day, Jo said it would fit in the corner of her dining room if it was a little smaller in length, and width...and obviously cleaner

This is what It looked like without the drawers
They came the next day, as it wouldn't all fit in the car..

Over the next two weeks I worked on the bench with one of my students, Jason.

Working with Jo, I cut the top down, leaving the most of the wear and tear showing.. Jason helped me fix the two cupboards together and put all of the edging back on. The drawers were loose, so they got a clean, and loads of the most tiny of watch parts fell onto my bench...

I carefully fixed the drawers, some of which now wouldn't slide back into the cupboard. A quick rub over with a plane soon sorted this little problem out..

After all of the alterations, it was time for a clean up, inside, outside and underneath all got some attention. All of the handles were removed and polished up just with a dry cloth. Then a couple of applications of wax and that was it..

I had decided to leave the small gap in the bottom of the plinth,
this shows its true origin

Jo will be putting all of her Dads tools, watch spares and memories back into those drawers and other personal items on the top just as she remembered and secure..

The shelf between the cupboards is now a shelf inside the tall cupboard, just where it would be of most use.

and those tiny watch parts..

Inside one of my memory jars..along with the shavings off the drawers.

Just add a little of you favorite essential oil.. keep in the cupboard to stop any stale smells

All the best



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