Hand carved sign post..

I loved doing this one..

I was working away in the shop as per usual..not sure what on, but I noticed a couple in my Gallery area..and they were getting what I do, can do etc.

Within a few minutes Ben, Sarah and I were chatting about something they would like made for his parents. And from what Ben was saying I was beginning to come up with some great ideas..

This was going to be a really cool piece. Ben wanted the house name, with a date of his parents Ruby wedding anniversary carved into it.

After a few texts..Ben came one evening with a beautiful piece of English Oak 7" x 7" and about 7ft long..
We talked about where the letters would be carved and how it would look..

So I asked Ben to go and think about it, then type out exactly what he wanted, the height, width and I'm not quiet sure who came up with the idea... maybe because we were on the same wavelength it just happened..

A piece of glass in ruby red, let into the post.

So now we were getting somewhere..

And after a couple of days, I found one of the sides was beautiful, no splits, shakes and it was just the right face for me ..love it.. so I started carving

single click on the photo to enlarge

Three letters down, and I put this pic on Twitter..I called Ben, told him the photo was online..

He loved it..   woohoo.

So I carried on..

First word done..    more feedback ..

everyone loves it.. and so do I

Here's the finished letter carving..

I got so into the carving it was great to do..but forgot about the glass..The Ruby red piece.

I'm in the centre of the Glass making industry for over 300 years, so if I can't sort this bit out I need shooting..

and it was simple.. I asked Ian Bamforth, one of the glass blowers at the Stourbridge Glassblowing Studio, to blow me a 52 mm diameter globe, that I was going to let into the post..

This is it..finished..

It will be erected in the corner of his parents field / garden..

Ben's going to get it done and get some pictures of it in place.. when I get them I'll put them on here

All the best



Stuart Hubbard said…
That is truly beautiful...I know that I would get increasingly nervous as the carving went on. After so much perfection, the simplest slip could ruin everything.
Jamie said…
Hey Stu,

I used to worry about it..but after all this time I just don't even think about it. I'm always thinking two or three steps ahead, rather than at the end of one part of the process. So it just doesn't happen..Does that make sense?

All the best


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