Clock restoration parts..

Sometimes I have visitors that just get it..

A visitor had looked around my shop and we had spoken a couple of times. The next time I saw her she was with her father, we started to chat then he showed me a clock finial, Ebonised Ash, 3" long (75 mm)

"Can you copy this for the top of my regulator..But i want to finish it, I can do the Ebonising.."

No problem.. In Ash, the same timber

click on photos to enlarge

Here's the Black original next to my 'half way through'


So as I was half way through doing this piece, In the gentleman walks again
with his next piece for me to sort out..

A little bit more complicated. He had started this piece over twenty five years ago, and knew it wasn't going right..

"Can you sort this ..I know it's not quite right'

No problem..
And when the time came for to start on it, I didn't really know how much work, was correct in his setting out and carving.. Some was right, but the important part wasn't..

So this is what it looked like. The curve in the carving to the left curved back round towards the top marks.
He wanted them to have a single curve..

After I had made a new pattern, I set to work on getting some detail in..

And I was onto a winner.

There is a trick in the setting out the curves. I didn't look into it, just did what he wanted and worked my head around the solution. This is so much more simple to set out than you think, and it gives great results.

Right hand side nearly done, Left hand side in process.
But you can see how I was getting there.

So here it is finished..

I called John up and told him his pieces were ready..

He was due in a couple of days later, but couldn't wait, and was with me within half an hour of my call..

He didn't realise that I had completed both pieces, so was over the moon when I showed him the carved piece after the turned one..

A very happy customer

An now he wants some more pieces doing..brilliant

If you have any pieces started and can't work out whats gone wrong, or don't feel up to completing it..

Give me a call.

All the best



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