A year ago, looking back to 2013..


It's been an interesting year. I managed to get myself a workshop within The Ruskin Glass Center part of the Ruskin Mill Trust set-up..

I spent a little while getting things set up.. Benches and tables to be made, some organising of the workshop space and getting to chat to some of the visitors to the center. With just a few jobs to do for people, the work started to come in, with a few of my college pieces on show and other jobs on the go, I'ts easy for visitors to see what I can do. With more work going on my blog, then came work from all over the UK..and my work started to go oversees too..wow

I'm still in my first year, but I have made an impact on the center and with others on the internet, and through Interior designers and stylists..

I restore, re-make, re-build, re-use, recycle.. re ..all of it.. I just make things using wood and any other medium..and I love doing it. If I keep doing what I have been doing, and keep going in the direction that I want to go in, then I believe I will make a very successful little workshop, where I will be happy to work and people will be happy to visit and trust me with their pieces.

I really look forward to 2014, It will be one of more interesting commissions, more projects that I have on my todo list, and more one-off pieces that go into peoples homes, catalogs and magazines..

Here's a few of my favourites..

Thanks for looking

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