Take an old Pair of jeans...

This blog post has been in 'drafts' since March last year, I was going to do a photo type instruction, but just don't have the time anymore, so just a basic instruction,  but feel that now would be a good time, as more and more people are recycling things. I hope you like it, if you do you can follow my blog and get updates when I publish new posts.



March 2nd 2014

A new apron

In the workshop I'm finding that my apron of twenty years is getting more grubby, and when I'm oiling a timber bread board or serving board it's really suffering..

So what to do..

I don't keep rubbish, (I'm sure Lynn would disagree.. well I try not to)..  but I haven't thrown a pair of jeans away for a while, and then when I was trying to work out what fabric to use for a new apron.. I thought, That's it.. jeans..I've got three pairs that were going to be used for something else...but... (I'll tell you in another post)

They fit me still, with some thinning on the knees..and the length of the leg, is just right for the length of my body, for an apron.

Ahh..therefore, a ten year old's jeans would suit the height of a ten year old..

Simple..If you are a larger person, you need a larger apron... you have larger jeans..

You have to use your old jeans. That way you get to re-use your old clothes. If there's a hole in them, then we'll cover it with a patch or a pocket. or your favourite band patch or football club

Right, now for my pet hates..Boyfriend jeans..I hate them, honestly girls, they were just wrong. And if anyone said you looked good in them..they were lying, I'm sorry to have to tell you that ladies.  (Yes, I lied too)..

And if you still have them and you're not going to wear them again... cut them up..

I spent all of that Sunday working out how best to get a pair of jeans to work out as easy as possible.

One pair of jeans into one apron... an apron you can wash with the work-wear or other jeans..easy

                                                           So this is my first apron..

click on photo to enlarge

So with minimal sewing you can achieve a pretty good apron. 

A quick 'how to' for you... 

  1. The centre panel and left panel are still original seams (left leg, front & back)
  2. The right hand panel is the back of my right leg
  3. The bottom seams are the bottom of the jeans
  4. Patch pocket at the top is still in the original position (bum pocket)
  5. With the waist pocket made from the front of my right leg (avoiding a hole)
  6. The top seam is that seam just under the waistband...have a look, it does make sense.
  7. Finally, the neck loop and waist ties are from the leftover thick seams.
go on have a go.

All the best



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