Monday, 4 September 2017

How long...

Nearly two years since I last posted anything on here.

The last couple of years have probably been the worst and yet the best so far in my workshop life. I can't really pin-point the time or when things started to go off in a direction that didn't suit me. But I found that something wasn't quite right. However, this year has been a real improvement.

And here's why.. Attitude

I've just gone for it, and every job has had more time spent on it despite budget, every piece is the next piece of promotion not only of what I can make, but also to promote the person or business involved.

There's a saying I used to hear when someone was doing top quality work.. 'like a job in the town' meaning that the work in the town was of a higher quality than that in the countryside. I've taken that and pushed it higher.. 'Like a job in the City' .. even better and then putting images on.


So much more than just another medium to natter on, I've met some wonderful people who follow me and some I follow back. I don't and can't follow them all, but they make a big difference, some of them are like your neighbour from down the road, who knows all sorts of things and are a wealth of knowledge and a great chat too. Others are people who bring knowledge into our homes through books, magazines, the internet, radio and the television. Right now, this.. is really a wonderful period in time. Make the most of what's available and enjoy... I don't think that I enjoyed the blog, I always had to build up to doing the posts and then loading images. Whereas Twitter is quick and easy, and you cant say too much..  whoop, whoop.. 140 characters is wonderful.

Then there's Instagram.. Like a mini blog but based on images.. write nothing, a little or a lot and people can read as much as they want. A brilliant idea that gets seen by anyone around the world. The language doesn't matter, its all in those images. I love using it.

So my attitude to my blogging needs to change, less details of how I design and make things, that won't be easy for me as I like sharing, the problem there is that if I give too much detail, it makes my work easier to copy, and I don't need that. Then, there are hundreds of people doing YouTube videos of 'how to..' and who knows maybe that will be on the cards one day. But I really need an online place where the Non-Twitter and Non-Instagramers can find me and see my work.

So I find I love the sharing and feedback on the social media. Whereas on the blog every comment has to be moderated. This saves strange comments being put below a piece, and believe me I've had some strange comments.


Expect more blog posts and less detail of 'how to' and communicate more.. How does that sound ?




Unknown said...

I alaways say Jamie, that things can only get better, and sometimes when we can't follow the path we've choosen, life has a way of showing that there is a path to follow that we haven't had the courage to follow before and things do get better. Love reading your blogs and admiring your work, it's beautiful.

Jamie said...

Thank you Val. I think you're right. I really couldn't have put it better. And thank you for the comments on my work, really appreciated. Jamie