Oak Box Commission

It started with a Google search...  like ..  'Custom made box..'

I had had a couple of emails from Becky, about making a box for a friend of hers, we exchanged a few emails and Becky came over to the workshop with plenty of details about the sizes and other requirements. We discussed the design, the timber, and style of the box, then how the tray would sit and the loose lid would fit to the box. And of course the finish, after meeting with Becky, something just felt right that I would enjoy doing this one. The job card had now got all of the information that I needed..

Given a reference number, and added to the work schedule.

I try to organise my machine time, so while I had the planer out working on another project, I planed the timber up.

I was hoping to prepare enough wood to possibly make another couple of small boxes at the same time, but concerned about the sizes a bit, as when I read through the details all of the dimensions were internal. I was limited to the amount of Oak I had, so I planed up the two small planks having worked out that I could get the box and tray easily from them.

I Tweeted some of the pics as it was being made, so if you want to keep in touch with what I'm up to pretty much as it happens, then that's the best way..

This turned out to be a lovely box..

click on pictures to enlarge

The lid sits on top of the box, held in place by two small strips of Oak

The colour matches all round because it's all out of the same two pieces
from the same much larger plank

The tray is 20mm deep for playing cards and sits 6 mm below the top edges
A compartment either end for cards and other items.

The tray supports are specially made quadrants, from the same plank 
They keep the tray at the right height and add support to the corner joints.

click on pictures to enlarge

The tray sits 42 mm over the inside base specified by Becky

The box is finished with 6 coats of Danish Oil, with an Open grain satin finish,
which can be left, or waxed to a high gloss if required

A beautiful 21st Birthday gift

Thanks for reading

All the best



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