Monday, 10 June 2013

Surfboard coffee table

I've only just noticed how long it's been since my last posting, so from this, you can imagine how busy I am, there's lots going on, and only a part of it goes onto here.

So, back in March 2013..

This little beauty has been on the cards for over a year now. I wanted to make a coffee table that would be suitable in a living room and also be able to be taken in a camper and used as a coffee table whilst camping out.

So while things are picking up in the workshop, I do want to make different types of things, so I thought it was time to get on with it, and fit it in between jobs.
Some days, it took over and I just kept on going with it, then I might not touch it for a few days.

The wood, the plank of Mahogany has been around a long time, some from John Boddys Timber, and I picked some Maple up from the timber yard a while ago. I always try to pick up the odd bit of timber when I can.. and this Maple is from the same log as the LA Photo frame, in an earlier posting.

When I thought about the design of this table, I wanted it to be able to sit in a modern room or 50s -60's living room... but with the option of being able to take it camping or keep in a camper van. So the legs had to be removable, hmm tricky.

Finished in April, ready for our Open Studio event at the Ruskin Glass Center. But halfway through the build I was asked if I would mind being filmed and interviewed for a piece for The Ruskin Glass Center.

Here's that interview  Click on here

And here is the table..

Lamp and mug are for scale..

60's inspired legs, with a twist..

I tried different layouts for the stripes before settling on these
Twin Stripes with Pinstripes..

The legs unscrew, each one is numbered to get it back in the right socket..

And the circle inlays are Bay Tree oysters.

Photographed in the Loft Photo studio above my work space, this is where i'll be taking all my photos for a while. The white painted old brickwork of the Webb Corbett factory wall is a great backdrop.

The table is for sale and details can be seen in the Gallery.

I've got some catching up to do so it wont be so long until the next time.

Thanks for looking

All the best


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