Bespoke Oak box

Stuart had mentioned making a box for this award a while ago.. Probably six months ago.

He was after a box to carry around and to protect the glass trophy, a 'loving cup' and cover, with a plinth. These were not necessarily the most expensive of items, but have become a symbol of worth, of value.

Kieran's Memorial Golf Day is an event that Stuart takes part in with loads of other golfers, who get involved in to raise money in memory of Kieran Mallett.

The Brief:

So, where to start.. no design, no real instruction of how or preferences...

"Just make a lovely box, instead of this cardboard box that it doesn't all fit into anyway"

I'd got some American White Oak planks, and some hinges, locks and handles in stock..just for this size of box..

click on photos to enlarge

Instead of raising the panel with a plane, router or spindle moulder, I chose to carve it and leave a hand worked textured finish...
this pic is during the process..It did take a while, but well worth the effort because it looks wonderful..

Cutting the lid off, not my favorite part
There can be no stress in the box or once the lid is cut off the box or lid could be distorted.
No stress then.

I love this pic..

Box made.. ready to strip down and go through the grades before Oiling..

The finished box..Oiled so any dents or dings won't ruin the finish, but add to its history..

With lower compartment for the plinth.
The loving cup sits within it's original polystyrene packaging, cut down and covered in the navy fabric..

I hope the guys like it and look after it well. I have told Stuart that I would have it back each year before the event just to make sure it's all working correctly and kept in good order.

The last job to do was to add some ribbon from the key to the handle on the top.

I hope you like it..

All the best



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