Bespoke Oak Box for the Guild of Enamellers

A custom box made to hold a very special piece..

 Tea Caddy Spoon made by Rachel Gogerly.

And given by the Guild of Enamellers  Memorial Award (for best finish)

A certain amount of free reins on the design of the box but some notes..

  • It must have a very good quality finish.
  • The spoon has to sit inside and be protected...
  • What do we do with the lid..? Hinges means the lid would have to be supported.. Loose means it can be lost or misplaced.
  • Simple, clean lines

A block of Oak, finished with an oil to a mat finish. This way the spoon stands out within the box.
 The centre carved out to take the spoon..
with a small piece of green suede to stop the silver spoon getting scratched.

The lid, lined inside the top with matching suede.

The lid is a little different. It tapers.. from the one corner to the opposite corner..
There is good reason for this..

The lid on the box, you can see some of the taper here..

The box sits inside the top of the lid, this way the lid is part of the display..

The tapering lid displays and 'presents' the block with the spoon towards you. 

The Tea Caddy spoon sits beautifully on the Leather, with an even gap around to 'set off' the piece

Everyone was really pleased with it..

The presentation.. photo taken from the Facebook page of the Guild of Enamellers

All the best



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