An Upcycled drawer..

 Julie and Mark had bought an Oak chest of drawers that was perfect in every way..
..except it was one drawer too tall..

I had been told that they wanted some shelves, and have the wood to make them. So we went to see them, first to view the space where these shelves were going to fit, secondly, to see the wood, and thirdly to have a look at Julies wonderful collection of Salt & Pepper pots.

And what a collection..

click on the photos to enlarge

Just a few of Julies collection of Salt & Pepper pots..

Then I saw the images she had printed off, they were different.. with angles, not horizontal etc.. as we discussed it we started laying out some ideas that would work with the cruet sets.

I was going to make about six horizontal shelves, using different thickness parts of the drawer. With 'uprights' in a fan shape, supporting the shelves.. nothing uniform.. just a spot of wonderful, random madness, that would suit some of the pieces going on the shelf unit.
The drawer was from a new chest of drawers that Mark had cut down and sorted out, all I had to do was take the spare drawer, Julies ideas and turn them into reality.

and that was it..

Here are some early photos

This is the drawer, modern drawer made from laminated Oak

Stripped down into component parts.
Different thicknesses will add interest to the shelves

The finished photos

The finished shelf unit
I think they look great, even with nothing on them..

I love the shadows in this shot

click on the photos to enlarge

With just a few of my bits to show how it will look..

I just need to get them over to Julie, and maybe get a photo of them with her collection set out on display.

Its wonderful that Julie and Mark could see past the drawer as a box and come up with something quite unique, from what could very easily been thrown away ..

I hope it makes you think ..

All the best



Greg Palmer said…
I just looked at your pallet coaster post and started reading through your blog. This is really cool Maybe I can make one of these out of my old pallets. How did you join the vertical and horizontal pieces together?
Jamie said…
Hi Greg, thanks for your comment.

It was a tricky little thing. The joints are slotted, both pieces are slotted approximately half the depth, but with varying thickness and depth of timber it was a case of, mark a set of joints along one timber, strip it down, cut those joints, then re-assemble.. then repeat..and repeat..

Have fun, it would be a lott easier with the timber being all the same thickness and depth..

Have a go, I would love to see it, let me know.

Thank you


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