Music Award..

This was done over twelve months ago now, and has sat in a drafts folder in Blogger. Not many photos either.. I really needed to publish it to clear out the drafts folder.

I hope you like it, Jamie.

July 2013.

It started with an accident..

We went to an awards ceremony at our local school. And during this special night where students were getting recognition for their hard work and effort, someone dropped one of the awards..a glass one..and yes it broke into two pieces..

In the Ruskin Glass Centre, where my workshop is. We have one of the countrys best glass repairers, Richard, who very kindly repaired it in record time for me ..(considering he has a very long waiting list, and people come from all over for him to do their repairs. Well the best is worth waiting for).

On return of the award, the music teacher Michaela asked if I would be interested in making a very special award for a very special prize. It was to be for Outstanding Contribution to Music..

One evening I went to school after the children had all gone home, Michaela had already got the idea of what she wanted, we just had to discuss design,size, scale and timbers etc.

This was the start of our design session, a simple design, treble clef onto the five staves, 
with the small loop around the G (second line up)

And this is what I sketched up to show Michaela what I was thinking..
and she loved it..

So while it was still on the white board, I put some dimensions on, then took photos..
This was Michaela's drawing, so when I transfer it onto print, it will still have been drawn by her.

Here the drawing is printed off and stuck onto the Mahogany. I've had to thicken up where the wood will be short grain. This will give the piece strength where it would normally be it's a must really, but will add to the piece by appearing to be as a nibbed pen would write.. The base part is drawn out, with size of the brass plate chosen and noted. From this front view, lines were transferred around the piece for the staves.

And this is the bit that makes it look easy. 
Yes, the slots for the staves are cut through the back, set out and grooved
One of the staves is shown in place

Cut out..with the paper still on the face.

After plenty of shaping and a couple of coats of wax...

Here's Ashley with the award and his certificate.

The award will stay within the school and only be used for photographing with the winner.

All the best



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