Yesterday, for me, was one of the best days...

A little while ago, I was asked if I would like a stall at a local church hall, where there would be a table top sale to raise funds for the local dance group. Our four girls dance at the Stage Door Dance Academy and they are taking part in a show, at Her Majesty's Theatre in London, where dance groups will come together to perform for one night only, on a West End stage. What a wonderful opportunity.
We are all helping out to raise funds, to reduce the cost for each of the families, and to highlight locally this event. Stage Door have taken part in similar events, including dancing on stage and being in the parade at Disneyland Paris.

So  Lynn and I talked about what I could do, firstly, by buying a table I was contributing to the fund, but thereafter, what could I sell that would help Stage Door or myself. Lynn came up with the idea of having some of my work on display, showing people what I have made, but also showing what other people could achieve.

After completing my Cabinet Making course, I was asked by the college to teach an evening class there. I did this for a couple years and enjoyed the fact that people who sign up to these type of classes really enjoy the practical and social side of woodworking.

We made a list of all of the items that we would take, they included some of the pieces made by myself, some tools of the trade and a very sad looking Rosewood tea caddy, that would  sit along side one that I had restored. I  just had to take my mitre plane, which sat on the front of the stall, and was a little further on than on the last posting.

The sale attracted a steady stream of people, and the whole atmosphere was very warm and friendly. I had some flyer's on the table and a sign showing that none of the items were for sale, but commissions were welcomed and a number of people said that they would or knew someone who would sign up. Some had researched within a 15 mile radius and found nothing that would teach them a craft.

I welcome any feed back on this and will be putting more about what can be taught on the coureses page. I could do one to one classes and could reduce the cost to people if there were three or more in a class.

 The hand carved hobby horse proved popular and once my workshop is set up, I will make make a small batch, maybe half a dozen..these are heir loom pieces and people appreciated that. Ours is twelve yaers old and has the dents and dings to prove that the horse was played with and well loved, it adds to the character of the piece and still looks great...

some of my pieces..

finished detail on the front bun, with temporary wedge...

While I was checking through my email inbox, there was the the best ending to my brilliant day. Bill Carter had emailed to say that he was loving the plane, from the front bun to the scroll hiding under the blade and more...this was just... If you know anything about plane making, you'll know how I feel right now, thanks Bill.

all the best



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