Mitre Plane ..more than halfway now

So after going through the shed and my stock of timber from over the last twenty five years or so, collecting timber from all over, from timber suppliers, to friends cutting down trees in their back gardens, the timber for the small mitre plane is going to be Boxwood. I bought this and two others like it from Sandown Park in 1992. Really, this should be the only choice for this type of plane.

the label has the price of 90 pence on it..

I cut the parts needed, and just got on with making the front bun, I've gone for a shallow style with the bun being 'overstuffed', I love overstuffed planes, they are so much more work, but show the skills of the maker..

More detail will be added around the edges of this front bun..
The shape means that you can either have a finger on the back or front faces, or if two hands may be used, then you can place your thumb just behind the back of the border, I have tried it on the mock up and it feels really comfortable either way..

This is 'Pinky', he's been watching what I've been doing over the last few days, Lucy likes to keep him occupied, notice the mock up plane on the left, you can just see the back of the body with the end of the wedge and blade beneath..

Here is the rear infill, the blade is at 15 degrees and I wanted to finish the infill in a different way. I know the scroll will be hidden under the blade, but when viewed from the side it is in keeping with the classical detailed styling..

Bill bought a truely brilliant plane at the Auction, and I would love to copy has seven scrolls on each side, even a copy would be great.. 

I love the scrolls, this is nowhere near finished, just the start really,
but it does allow you the see what I'm doing..

The I. Sorby blade is down at Roberts, he is going to thin it down and taper it for me, it's about 6mm thick, and holds a really good edge,  I've asked for it to be cut down to 3mm, tapering down to 2.5mm. It's already been fitted to width, squared up to suit the mouth and had the back flattened. I will need the blade to help fix the rear infill in place, along with the wedge, which I should be on tomorrow.

Hope you like it...

All the best



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