Chopping Boards..

Some things can start with a simple move around of some shelves..

I had put some new lighting in the Gallery part of my workshop, and it's looking pretty good, but in doing this the shelves needed dusting off, so I set about dusting, and in moving things around, found that I had a chopping board under a Wedding Archive box...I just hadn't picked up on it being under there..

Later that week, in walks Wendy, and straight away says she likes the Oak board on the shelf. When I tell her that it is all finished by hand, as in planed all round, then I use a scraper to finish the surface and corners.

Then after oiling with Mineral oil, I stamp my 'mark' in the middle of both ends and finally I burnish the corners and edges with a small block of the same timber, this gives a wonderful natural shine to the surface..

No all..

It takes a bit longer by hand, but worth the effort and you can see it..

So it went. Number 1 gone

And it was time to make some more out of piece's of Beech and Oak worktop ends, sink cut-outs and hob cut-outs hanging around the workshop since I moved in.

Each board is a different size and while I have this stock I'll keep track of the sizes and they'll go through my books with a number.

So on Thursday, I'm working with Chris one of the students, and I'm showing him how to use the cabinet scraper, in walk a couple of ladies, Pat and Patricia, and before we know what's happened, Pat want's one of the boards, the one we're working on.. After a few minutes we have to prepare this board for sale, and go through the above process to complete it.

Wonderful.. It's great when people 'get' what it is you do...

Oak & Beech chopping boards.

Different sizes every time so I don't waste any wood, no two the same..

Have a look in the

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Come and have a look and enjoy seeing what I get up to in my workshop.
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