One for Cat lovers...

Based at the Ruskin Glass Centre, means that there is always something going on, and leaving the doors open means that anyone can walk in at any time. I'm okay with this, if I need to do some machining on the bandsaw for example, then I just shut the door and if I'm making lots of noise I'll turn the key. Do whatever needs doing then unlock the doors afterwards. That way people in the centre don't hear my loud machinery, and I get dedicated, safe time on the machines.

I'm going to work out some kind of card system to put in the windows, This should make it easier for the communication between myself and a visitor.

Anyhow, over the last few weeks I've had a number of visitors, who have made some fused glass in a workshop here at the Glass Centre, and was after some wooden blocks to stand the pieces in, quite a straight forward job. But one that a larger company probably wouldn't bother with..

I don't mind doing them, it helps them out and I make use of some small piece's of timber..

A lovely piece of glass work, with two siple 'feet' made in Beech to go with the wood in her kitchen.
Diane's going to oil these...
And another block for this piece
I'll put these and some more on the miscellaneous page.
All the best


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