First evening class piece finished..

When Rebbecca had finished her first piece of stained glass, the only thing it needed was a frame...

She came to my workshop with a few ideas, but not really sure which one would suit the piece, it was then that I thought that if she came onto my evening class, we could work out the design as she made it, to ensure she got exactly what she wanted.

And tonight, Rebbecca has finished her Pine wood frame, made for the stained glass that she made in another class at Ruskin Glass Centre, with Paul Floyd.

Then what finish? the black stain originally wanted? or not...
Well, we sampled the Black Stain, and tried out some Oil, Rebbecca has taken the samples home and is going to live with it for a while, before comiting..
I don't blame her, I think it looks great natural.
All the best


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