Camera issues...

If you have been following my blog, you'll know that on occasions my camera has failed to focus properly, well the other day I was in the middle of taking a load of pictures when...
Nothing.. stopped, that was it. The zoom went back in, the message on the screen was,

Turn the camera off and on again,

I did this a few times and was starting to get frustrated with the whole thing. I got my phone out and took the rest on that. I was gutted. The camera does a good job, that's what it's designed for, the phone.. it's okay, but not a patch on the camera.

So, onto You Tube to see what I can do about it, there's a guy on there that goes through a series of methods to try to fix the problem. He does give fair warning that as you go through the attempts, some of the later ones may harm the camera. So, if this has happened to yours, then you too could try this, but at your own risk.

Ensure the battery is fully charged.

Between each of the following stages, switch on and off pointing down

  1. Turn the camera off and on again, with the lens pointing down.
  2. remove the battery for a few seconds, replace and switch on and off.
  3. Switch on and off pointing down, but also tap the outside of the extended lens gently with a pencil.
  4. I then got a hairdryer, on cold, and tried to blow out whatever was in there.
The next part sorted out my problem

 I cut some paper and slid it into the small gaps around each part of the lens.

Being very careful,  I was shocked at how much dust and muck was on the paper, this was done a number of times, with a clean piece of paper each time. Off and on again, wiping dust from the lens case, it was done.

I would recommend you watch it being done before you try,

But do it at your own risk.

All the best



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