Half term week...Dr Who?

Ok, so if I was still in the rat race, I'd be working this week and the kids would be off out with Lynn somewhere, on a trip here or an outing there, the kids would have a great time and I would have missed out yet again...

Not this time..I'm taking a couple of days off with the girls.

Lynn found out about this guy who has been collecting Dr Who props and costumes, as well as Star Wars, Red Dwarf and Captain Scarlett, so off we went.

We had deceided not to tell the girls where we were going too, so all through the hour journey they just kept guessing, to the point where I just wanted to blurt it out, but managed to hold on untill we were in Bromyard. Lola (the Sat Nav) told us the way, and when we were about 500 yards away, I parked the car. The girls were getting more wound up by the facxt that we were so close but they hadn't a clue, then as we walked up the hill towards the square, Lynn turneed and smiled, I could see the sign post and board outside, that was it, the girls knew and were quite excited. I must say, after following Lola's directions, the place was well signposted, from the direction we came in from.

follow the signs..

On entering the shop, it was like being thrusted into the set of an episode of Dr Who, I felt the setting just inside was pre-war and very inviting. The old type cash desk and office looked great and well suited the experience, and everywhere you looked was something from the TV, it was wonderful.

there were no less than six different Daleks, from different periods

This is the door that takes you to the collection below,

I want to show you more of the photo's we took, and we took quite a few, around 100, but if you are thinking of going it would spoil it for you. Some of the displays have sound effects, and the lighting makes you feel really involved and part of it. On our way around the ground floor we chatted with the owner, Andy, a really good guy, as opposed to some of the characters that you can see there. We chatted about the collection and how long he has been working on it. He's a friendly, approachable, and will tell you about each piece if you ask. A brilliant place, it was a bit pricey for us, having the four girls, but, when you walk away some time later, and the kids tell their friends about it, and you think that this is only an hour away, it's good value really. I'm not as big a fan as the girls and Lynn are, but I found it really interesting and a brilliant collection.

Andy, keep up the good work

all the best



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