Ian Norbury chisels..

After putting the Torso in the carving section, I had to see what Ian Norbury was up to. It's been a while since I had seen some of his work, and It wasn't disappointing to see, the man is just brilliant, his work is just so good.

Anyhow, I noticed on his website that he had some tools for sale. From small chisels to Arbor Tech equipment, and carvers cramps (sounds like an illness) for me, it was the chisels that would mean a lot and being a hand tool, especially a chisel is so personal, you grow with a chisel, you grind it, taking care with the heat and the edge. Then the honing, keeping it steady throughout the movement across the stone. Aware of the usage of the stone. Last but not least, the polishing, I feel getting the back of the chisel polished is the difference between using an electric razor, and having a wet shave, for me, they are a world apart. The difference it makes to carving at wood is just...brilliant.

These are the last chisels from the website sale.

a detailed picture

I will keep these chisels together, no two makers are the same, there are Addis, Marples and Bristol design to mention a few, then blade type, and handle for that matter.

At some point each chisel will be documented, then oiled and kept wrapped up until I either make the box or need to use a certain chisel.

All the best



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