Small mitre plane base...

This is getting really good now, and I'm enjoying the time in the shed making something from all of these parts that wouldn't normally go together. I have been thinking about the infil for the plane, maybe it will be some Rosewood that I have left over from the last plane, but somewhere in the shed, there is a piece of Apple that has been around for 11 years or so, since we moved here, and it would be fitting that the house is now going through a change again, so I may use that...

This is the piece of Gauge plate from Robert. I was going to use a slightly thicker piece, but when I found that this was very similar thickness to the side walls of the plane, and Bill did say to me at the auction, some people use material that can be too thick, so, I changed my mind..2.63mm it is...

Cut down to width, I then draw filled the edges, to ensure it was square and true, then I marked on the wall thickness, the waste and ensured that the internal width was 23mm, the same as the bridge and front piece widths.

After cutting through the mouth part, I then filed both faces square,
so that when it's reassembled later it will all keep straight

Here is the bed for the plane blade, I'm halfway through the filing, in this shot..
The blade will be set at 15 degrees

Here you can see the scale of the plane parts.
I have cut the groove, for the tongue on the front piece, to fit into

and here is the tongue, I need to do some more work on the escapement at this point

The plane base is in a sash cramp, gently holding the parts in place, the quality of the joint at this point doesn't look as good as it will later, don't forget the outer 3mm is waste..

Now you can see what the escapement will look like, none of these parts are finished yet,
they will all get fine tuned just before assembly

Lastly, the body is sitting over the bottom, and I will scribe the joints in the morning..

This is now getting quite addictive, and I new that it would, from the last time I made one. You get drawn into every detail and push of the file over the steel or brass. I'm happy with the results so far and I hope that you as a reader, looking into how these planes are made are enjoying it too.

I welcome any comments from you, it has been a while since any woodworkers have commented, come on guy's, say what you're thinking.....

I have a small stand at a 'bring and buy' coming up soon, all being well, will have the plane there, finished I hope, and if anyone would like to try the plane out, I would welcome their feedback..

One final thing, Rosewood or Apple..?  I could do with some help on that one, what do you think??

All the best



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