Review of the Home Building and Renovation Show NEC.

I know, another show, well they were free tickets, and the girls could come along to see things that they might like in their rooms, so..

All six of us this time, I had told the girls that the show would be full of ideas for their rooms, so they were happy to come along, I was after some info and examples of methods of retaining the heat in the garden room and then just about anything else that would spark an idea or save cost.

We walked from the car park, because the queue for the bus was fairly long,
and we were in the shade, so it was pretty cold.
Past the lake, where the geese were sunbathing..

One of the first things that we saw was a garden building, with the perfect heating system,
a Pot Bellied Stove, really cute, the girls liked it.
 It would suit our outside room..

The sales guy went through the construction of the building with me,
it all made good sense, this will be similar to ours...

Lynn and I like this, the lady on the stand made large glass pictures, some went into windows, others were hung as you would a picture, but this one was fitted as a hob splash back
We liked the idea...

This was part of an oak framed show house, I liked the effect of the background
click on the picture to enlarge, and look at the detail in the carving..I want to do more carving

There was a really good lighting stand that we all liked most of the exhibits,
It turned out to be a UK company with Italian products...
This one uses iridescent finished acrylics, and it changed colour as you walked around

These large wax type shades look good. I do like modern stuff as well as old..

It was around this time that the girls discovered Freebies, it started with one guy offering Mel a sweet, she wouldn't take one until I did, then they started to think about what was going on here, sweets, crisps, and toys, someone was giving away small ice cube shaped LED lights with their logo on, Mel asked another child where it was from, and that was it, within seconds three of our girls had one each, Ellie turned around to go and get one but wanted someone to go with her, while they were choosing who would accompany her, the guy off the stand came over and saved Ellie's embarrassment, She thought he was a thoughtful man after that.

Lastly, this has given me an idea for how to finish the slope off behind the garden room..
and I may do some inside too...

The girls were great, there wasn't much really to do with their rooms, but it did give them an incite to trade shows, marketing products, sales people etc..

All the best



louise said…
Have read & inwardly digested! Couldn't find wooden legs so will struggle on!! Xxxxxx
louise said…
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Your blog has given me that thing which I never expect to get from all over the websites. Nice post guys!

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